Solar LED Ultraviolet Wasp Trap

Solar LED Ultraviolet Wasp Trap is made of premium ABS and PP durable waterproof material make this wasp trap adapt to different weather conditions that it can work normally and effectively isolate the rain, snow, fog, etc. It is applicable to balconies, gardens, backyard, patio, orchard,s and camping, etc. Just add sweet water like drinks, beer, disposing of the dead insects, then put it back for the next round of trapping.




Solar LED Ultraviolet Wasp Trap




H 11.8cm*W 9.2cm


100% New



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Details About Solar LED Ultraviolet Wasp Trap

  • Solar panel and blue led light – With the support of a solar panel, the hornet traps for outdoor are able to be charged during the day operate at night smoothly. Besides, the blue UV light automatically emits warm light to grab the flying insects in the dark.
  • Multi-purpose: our Solar LED Ultraviolet Wasp Trap killers are available in blue or orange. You can choose the most suitable color of the bee trap according to the actual situation. And they are suitable for different styles of outdoor use, such as home, garden, orchards, farms. effectively isolate the rain, snow, wind, water.
  • Highly effective and durable: the Solar LED Ultraviolet Wasp Trap attracts wasps and insects to collect water and honey. Dual enter tunnels, one on each side, the outer is larger than the inner design. The wasp that entered the wasp trap cannot escape. The wasp trap uses high-quality materials and is very durable
  • Nontoxic & high quality: made of durable plastic and stainless steel, the insects killer resists rust and heat. The wasp traps can add a few sugar water or honey into the trap and hanging it in places that have lots of insects. You will easily and quickly resolve the rid of annoying wasps.

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