LED Headband Illuminated Magnifier

LED Headband Illuminated Magnifier – The magnifying glass gives you a better view of bees and queens, and the LED light gives you a good view even at night.

Single-plate lens magnifications: 1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.5x

Bi-plate lens magnifications: 3.0x, 4.0x, 4.5x, 5.0x, 5.5x, 6.0x

Battery: 3 x AAA battery ( not included )

Magnifications are marked in the middle of lens

The table below denotes the distance proportion between



Product Name

LED Headband Illuminated Magnifier


11.22 x 8.9 x 2.76 inches




ABS plastic acrylic lens


as shown

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Details About LED Headband Illuminated Magnifier

  • Firstly, our LED Headband Illuminated Magnifier with 2 led lights has the function of detachable and adjusting the direction of illumination. When using, you can adjust the illumination direction of the led for a more precise illuminating angle to meet your need. The lighting unit could take down as an independent handheld flashlight for daily or outdoor exploring. Powered by 3 AAA batteries(Not Included).
  • Secondly, LED Headband Illuminated Magnifier glass design with two lens slots. You can put one or two lenses at a time on the slots. We have provided you five replaceable lenses (1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.5x).  
  • Thirdly, the magnifying glass comes with 3 knobs. You can use the sides 2 knobs to adjust the height/angle of the lens, and the other knob on the backside can adjust to fit the head size, avoiding too big or too small.
  • Besides, come with 5 replaceable lenses, which are ade of shatterproof crystal clear magnifying acrylic lens designed, high definition, lightweight. You can combine these 5 lenses to get 11 kinds of magnification to meet your different needs: 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3x, 3.5x, 4x, 4.5x, 5x, 5.5x, 6x. 
  • Moreover, made of high-quality plastic and acrylic, the soft adjustable headband inside of the magnifier ensures comfortable wearing. Also, can help you to improve your low vision and release your hands in work at one time. For different use: reading, painting, observing, modeling, repairing, sewing, soldering, jewelry making, and other hobbies/crafts.

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