Jenter Queen Rearing Nicot Kit

Jenter Queen Rearing Nicot Kit is an efficient and easy way to raise your own queens. It has many advantages over rival techniques. You can raise as many queens as you wish without having to graft the larvae. You also have the added advantage of being sure of the age of the eggs.



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Jenter Queen Rearing Nicot Kit




Queen Rearing tools

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Details About Jenter Queen Rearing Nicot Kit

  • Jenter Queen Rearing Nicot Kit: including a queen rearing box and a number of queen cells, bee breeding cages, really a simple kit for the breeding queen bee.
  • Firstly – Functional & Practical: by simulating the honeycomb to attract the queen bee inside and lay eggs to raise queen bees.
  • Secondly – Queen Cages: 20pcs durable queen bee breeding cages, each one has dense holes that prevent you from stinging by bees.
  • Thirdly – Reliable Quality: products made of high-quality ABS plastic are non-toxic, with no harm to bees.
  • Moreover – Simple to Use: simply assemble them and put them at the bottom of a hive frame, suitable for beekeeping beginners and professionals for queen rearing.
  • Jenter Queen Rearing Nicot Kit Material: ABS
  • Weight: 750g / 26.45oz
  • Package Size: 14.7 * 13 * 2.7cm / 5.79 * 5.12 * 1.06inch
  • Packing List:1 * Queen Rearing Box115 * Queen Cell Cup 1115 * Queen Cell Cup 250 * Queen Cell Holder 150 * Queen Cell Holder 220 * Queen Cage

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