Plastic beehive Beetle Trap

Plastic hive beetle traps made by plastic material, safe, durable. Specially designed for the beetle to avoid these insects harm the bees, not for common flies or mosquitoes. It can not hurt you bee and easy to use, just need to hang over a top hive of the frame. Low cost, simple and practical, wide-coverage, the benefits of a long period of use, also an important tool for the production of green products.

Model: BC-10

Plastic beehive Beetle Trap


High-quality plastic





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Details About Plastic beehive Beetle Trap

  • Firstly, beetles are naturally forced and corralled into the traps as the beetles run away from the honey bees. As the beetles hide in the traps, they will fall into the oil and can’t come out.
  • Secondly, easy to install the plastic hive beetle trap, for best results place 2 traps in between the 2 outside frames on both sides of the top box. Beetle will corral into the corners of the top box naturally, exactly where the traps work best.
  • Thirdly, these Cutts beetle traps have thin slots for beetles to enter but are too small for bees to enter. Simply fill the traps halfway with oil and as beetles enter the oil compartment they die quickly. When full, simply toss throw away the trap and replace it.
  • Moreover, hive beetle populations increase in the summer, but the best time to use our plastic hive beetle trap in your beehive is the spring before beetle populations increase. During the summer when beetle populations increase, you can place multiple traps in each box.

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