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Plastic Queen Cages and Packages

Hey, we noticed that this year one company has switched to using plastic queen cages inside plastic package boxes for their bee deliveries. A few people were unsure about how to use them, so I figured

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How To Choose Bee Suit?

As with anything in beekeeping, there are several options when it comes to choosing a bee suit. The easiest way of choosing the most suitable bee suit is to try it out in your local beekeeper

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Set Up For Spring

Preparing your hives for the new season After a long, cold winter spent huddled inside, everyone is looking forward to spring – bees included. For your hives, spring is a time of intense activity. Egg-laying, brood-raising,

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Bee Pluses And Minuses

We all know that bees live in organized colonies, which have nurses, guards, cleaners, and undertakers – beehives are better staffed than most NHS hospitals. We might not all be aware that they have two stomachs

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