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  •  Ango Apiculture was founded in 1992 as poree bees with its production plant based in Change, Henan, China. Starting the business of apiculture with a passion for beekeeping and a will to help beekeepers, we have grown into the main producer of  honey extractor, bee smokerbeekeeping suits, hive, hive accessories, harvesting, queen breeding, beekeeping tools
  • Our products are well known and widely recognized within the beekeeping industry. As we manufacturing and have had our products specially manufactured for us, we are confident in the quality of our products. We supply to some of the best known beekeeping equipments dealers in Europe and USA.
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Offer a full line of beekeeping supplies and equipment for beekeepers of all levels !
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Customer feedback & why choose us
Ango Apiculture customer-Aaron Barstad
“ there were only ten units and I sold them very quickly – about two weeks. Good sellers, that’s why I’m interested in a container full.”
Aaron Barstad
Ango Apiculture customer-Saeed Shar
” Happy. As described “
Saeed Shar
Ango Apiculture customer-Murielle Cormier
” Can we add 200 model A please to our order. Just a comment on the stainless steel machines we have just received. They are selling very well and we think the quality is very good.”
Murielle Cormier
Ango Apiculture customer-Arif Jamal
” It’s products are of high-quality, and its advertising honest.”
Arif Jamal
Ango Apiculture customer-Phillip Marlow
” Your goods are superior in quality compared with those of other manufacturers in China, I will come again “
Phillip Marlow
Ango Apiculture customer-Annie Srpcic
” The product gives you an edge over your competitors.”
Annie Srpcic
Ango Apiculture customer-Tran Nhat Phuong
“Ango apiculture is very famous in Vietnam, we have cooperation 4 years ago.”
Tran Nhat Phuong
Ango Apiculture customer-Christina Grimmie
” Wow, Ango surprise me, electric honey extractor very easy to operate, saving manpower. Great supplier, very thoughtful and thank you for extra gloves, haha! “
Christina Grimmie
Ango Apiculture customer-Shane Bixby
” The sample excluders have arrived. They are very, very, good quality, are they stainless steel? A magnet is attracted to them? “
Shane Bixby
Professional sales team to offer fast response and good service.
We provide everything for Beekeepers at best prices in China.
Timely shipment, Two years warranty.
Small order is accepted, we treat every order well.
Payment 30 days after arrival acceptable.
5 years OEM & ODM experience for 50 clients from US and Europe.
Full product lines for Beekeeping items.
We have totally 42 molding facilities for production of beekeeping equipments.
Timely industry news for reference.
Design and manufacture high quality products with 30 R&D engineers.
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Our high quality services always beyond your expectations. 100% promise !
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