3 Layer Langstroth Beehive

3 Layer Langstroth Beehive is used to keep honeybee colonies for the production of honey and other hive products and pollination services.



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3 Layer Langstroth Beehive


10 Frame & 8 Frame


NZ Pine


3 layer / 4 layer / 5 layer are available


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Details About 3 Layer Langstroth Beehive

  • Three rectangular boxes with 30 removable hive frames for the bees to build comb in (10 frames each)
  • Frames with stainless steel wire 0.4mm
  • a loose bottom board with entrance and entrance wedge
  • 1 bottomless brood chamber (10 frames)
  • 2 honey supers
  • 1 queen excluder, stainless steel, that fits the Langstroth beehive, Grid cell aperture 19mm x 4mm. weight 400g.
  • an inner cover (~5 mm thick) is placed on top of the chambers.
  • the total hive system is covered by an outer cover made of air-dried wood with a non-toxic water paint on exterior surfaces only, top-covered with an aluminum or zinc sheet.
  • External dimensions per 10 frame boxes: 19 7/8″ in length, 16 1/4″ wide and 9 5/8″ in height
  • 7 mm bee space, no cracks or holes in the wall of the hive; all parts smooths; natural holes sealed with non-toxic mastic; no knots with a diameter larger than 2 cm.

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