Boardman Beehive Entrance Feeder

Boardman beehive entrance feeder is a durable and easy bee drinking tool, use a glass or plastic jar filled with syrup or water and then seal the jar with a lid, turn the plastic base cover and press it against the lid; Turn the entire feeder over and partially into the entrance to the hive; The vacuum pressure in the sealed will prevent continuous dripping.

Model: BF-16

Boardman Beehive Entrance Feeder


ABS plastic and metal lid







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Details About Boardman Beehive Entrance Feeder

  • Firstly, the Boardman beehive entrance feeder is the most popular type of plastic bee feeder for beekeepers. It makes feeding bees water or sugar syrup easy for the beekeeper, an essential part of your supplies. Fits most Langstroth bottom boards including Mann Lake, Dadant, and nearly every other beekeeping supplier.
  • Secondly, wide application: Boardman beehive entrance feeder for spring build-up or summer, beekeeping, bee feeder. This bee entrance feeder could slip water automatically save time and energy for the beekeeping farmer. Save time and money by using your own jars and pairing them with the lids included.
  • Thirdly, this beehive entrance feeder is a dense plastic material with a small mouth canning jar metal lid attached. The extended tray makes feeding more accessible inside the hive, easily install in the entrance of the hive.
  • Moreover, hive feeders work by screwing a filled, common small mouth canning type jar onto the included lid and inverting the tray as the vacuum pressure in the jar keeps the syrup from dripping out of the holes.
  • At last, the feeder very easy to use and beginner beekeeper friendly as you can easily monitor the syrup levels from the outside of the beehive; the optional and removable snap-in bottom makes it easier to clean and remove the jar lid.

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