Wood Bound Queen Excluders

The Wood Bound Queen Excluders will keep your queen away from your honey super while allowing your worker bees to come and go without impediment. This premium queen excluder prevents the queen bee from laying her eggs inside the honey super, allowing you to easily harvest fresh honey. This hive feature is designed with bee safety in mind, and won’t damage bee exoskeleton as they pass through the various levels of your hive.

Available sizes: 410*510mm / 420*510mm / 435*435mm / 460*460mm / 470*410mm / 470*470mm / 478*478mm / 485*400mm / 500*425mm / 500*430mm / 500*500mm / 500*450mm / 505*360mm / 506*353mm / 506*406mm / 510*425mm / 510*360mm, etc. Other sizes can be customized.




Wood Bound Queen Excluders


Pine and Galvanized excluder


As shown in the description


4.25mm, etc


100% new


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Details About Wood Bound Queen Excluders

  • Firstly, We use the Wood Bound Queen Excluders providing the recommended bee space. The durable build helps prevent bending and warping. Smooth polished finish. Made of threading wire and durable pine.
  • Secondly, the Wood Bound Queen Excluders ensures that the queen does not lay eggs in the honey supers. Using a queen excluder causes the honey within these supers to stay clean. Queen excluders are placed in between the brood boxes and the honey supers so that worker bees can pass through the screen. But the queen cannot as she is too large to fit through the openings.
  • Thirdly, this queen excluder will help keep the queen bee out of your honey super while providing enough room between the wires to let through worker bees. Our metal queen excluder will prevent the queen bee from laying her eggs inside the honey super, allowing you to easily harvest fresh honey.

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