Double Polystyrene Mating Nucs Hive

This double polystyrene mating hive made of high-quality foam material, durable for a long time. Light in weight and easy to carry, saving cost and space. The double-layer design can feed more bees at the same time.

Model: H-R4

Double Polystyrene Mating Nucs Hive


High-quality Form; ABS plastic


16pcs/carton; 10kg; 60*60*50cm


29 × 23.5 × 14.5 cm


0.58 kg


Standard accessories

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Details About Double Polystyrene Mating Nucs Hive

  • Firstly, double polystyrene mating hive use for mating queens with only a handful of bees rather than taking a full-sized nuc of bees out of honey production for rearing queens.
  • Secondly, 3.5 times that of wooden materials. Ensure that beekeepers continue to breed high-quality queen bees in early spring, hot summer, and late autumn.
  • The bee breeding base equips with a complete bee king fitting device and ventilation holes. And a soft white foam casing, which is light and portable. Transit queens easy and safe protect shipment process, newer also can start to breed bees at any time, self-service beekeeping.
  • Thirdly, this double polystyrene mating hive features a sliding front panel covering a ventilation mesh or the entrance to allow the nuc moved to the mating apiary easily. There is a feeding section at the rear which is segregated by a queen excluder.
  • Moreover, Due to the relatively small number of worker bees, the development of the queen bee is better than that of the large group. The bee colony has a spherical structure, which is closer to the normal bee colony. It is more conducive to worker bee feeding the queen bee, cultivating the queen is of high quality.

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