Bee NUC Box Mesh Transport Bag

Do you not enjoy having some honey bees flying around as you bring your nuc home?  This is the answer to this problem.  This bee mesh transport bag is extremely easy to use.  Just unzip the top of the mesh bag.  Place the nuc box into the bag.  Pull the sides of the bag to the top of the nuc and zip the bag closed.  The mesh transport bag will fit all nuc wood boxes, Jester Box, and Pro Nuc box.




Bee NUC Box Mesh Transport Bag


Nylon; cotton (can be customized)




Blue; Green; Red; White; Yellow


95*70cm (can be customized)

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Details About Bee NUC Box Mesh Transport Bag

  • Firstly,  bee mesh transport bag made of durable, breathable mesh.
  • Secondly, the bee mesh transport bag has a plastic cinch for quick closure.
  • Thirdly, easy to slide around the nuc box with room to spare.
  • Our Nuc Bee Mesh Transport Bag provides the easiest way to transport the nucleus hives in a secure, convenient fashion while keeping the bees in and staying worried free. Stop your bees from escaping out of their box and into your car. Almost all nuc boxes allow bees to escape so be prepared with our Nuc Mesh Transport Bag.
  • Moreover, will transport one nuc per bag at a time.

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