One Handed Queen Catcher

One Handed Queen Catcher is an ingenious device. Place the open end of the chamber over the queen and close the flexible shutter. Use the forefinger of the same hand to depress the plunger pushing the queen up to the marking mesh.

Top-ranking plastic, healthy and non-toxic, not easy to deform. Once the mark is dry, slowly loosen the plunger, then open the grid door to let the bee queen out. One hand plastic queen bee catcher and marking cage combination. Use for catching and holding queen bees while you mark them. You simply open the grid door, make sure the plunger is away from the door, place the unit over the bee queen, and slowly close the door to trap the bee queen. Then gently push the sponged plunger to the grid to hold the queen in position while you mark her. The slots on the grid are a size that allows any worker bees to escape.




One Handed Queen Catcher


High-quality ABS


As pictures show


100% new



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Details About One Handed Queen Catcher

  • One handed design makes marking queens easy, one hand catcher and the other marker(not included): While your first queen’s paint is drying, set her on the cover of her hive and use a second One-Handed Queen Catcher to do the next colony.
  • Great safety stops to prevent applying too much pressure on the queen.
  • Made of durable lightweight plastic.
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • Catch and hold queen/Wasp outside.

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