UK Style National Beehives

  • UK Style National Beehives Include:
  • One Lid, one crown board, inside the kit, we will include two porter bee escapes.
  • Two super box
  • Inside the super box, there are 20pcs Wooden frames and 20 pcs wired beeswax foundation sheet
  • One brood box
  • Inside the brood box, there are 11pcs Wooden frames and 11 pcs wired beeswax foundation sheet
  • One base with open mesh floor
  • One plastic Queen excluder
  • Six pcs Metal frame runners


Product Name

UK Style National Beehives


Flat or roof style


NZ Pine




100% New


Ango Apiculture

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Details About UK Style National Beehives

  • Firstly, our UK Style National Beehives made of NZ pine and have a thickness of 20mm. It is very durable. We can also produce wooden items according to your requirements.
  • New complete National Beehive in top quality Pine.
  • Varroa Floor ( including mesh) with slide-out inspection tray supplied.
  • Entrance block with summer and winter holes.
  • 1 standard brood box and 2 super boxes with metal runners.
  • Flat packed for easy home assembly with nails supplied.
  • Moreover, the UK Style National Beehives offer a one-year warranty and free beekeeping technology online consultation. I look forward to your consultation.

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