Detachable Reusable Beehive Beetle Trap

Detachable Reusable Beehive Beetle Trap slit allows beetles to enter but is too small for bees to enter. Just fill half of the trap with oil, when beetles enter the oil chamber, quickly die. Can place in a beehive, as beetle escapes from bee body, beetle naturally forced and tied to trap. No tools need to be installed, to obtain the best effects, place two traps between two external frames on either side of the roof box, the beetle will naturally slip into a corner of the roof box, which is where the trap is most effective. Made of high-quality plastic material, sturdy, durable, and long service life. Professional manufacturing, used for beehive beetle and wax moth larva trap.




Detachable Reusable Beehive Beetle Trap


High-quality plastic


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Details About Detachable Reusable Beehive Beetle Trap

  • Detachable Reusable Beehive Beetle Trap for trapping beetles inside of a beehive without using any harsh chemicals inside the hive. Each trap works to catch beetles and prevents them from getting outside the trap and laying eggs.
  • HOW OUR BEETLE TRAP WORKS: The reusable traps are halfway filled with food-grade oil and closed. The trap is hung between two frames in a beehive in the top super or box. As beetles hide from the bees, they are forced into the trap and are killed.
  • REUSABLE: Each trap has a fully removable top to make it easier to add food-grade oil without spilling as well as to make cleaning the traps out of beetles and oil easily. Traps can be easily cleaned out and refilled with oil and placed in the hive.
  • WORKS WITH THE BEES: Our Detachable Reusable Beehive Beetle Trap is a natural and organic approach to help keep small hive beetle and their larva from impacting your backyard beehive. Instead of adding chemicals, our traps work with the bee’s natural tendency to corral beetles.

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