Bee Queen Marking Highlighter

This Bee Queen Marking Highlighter made in China, acrylic paint pen is non-toxic to queens and does not have any negative effects on the health of the queen. It is an ideal tool for bee queen marking. Shake the pen evenly before use to completely mix the ink. For the first use, please pull out the cap and face the pen head up and press the pen head to let the air out. Press the pen tip down perpendicular to the paper several times until the ink flows out.




Bee Queen Marking Highlighter


Blue; Green; Red; White; Yellow

Pen Length


Pen Diameter


Tip Style

4mm bevel nib




100% New

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Details About Bee Queen Marking Highlighter

  • Firstly, the Bee Queen Marking Highlighter comes with top-ranking material, safe and non-toxic. Made in China.
  • Secondly, industry-standard: Perfectly sized, it with 2mm marker tip for safely marking queens with non-toxic, water-based paint dot is the industry standard for queen bee marking. It does not have any negative effects on the health of the queen. 
  • Thirdly, color-coded by year: The color of paint used corresponds to the number the year ends in; green for years that end with 4 and 9; Blue for 5 and 0; White for 1 and 6; Yellow for 2 and 7; Red for 3 and 8.
  • Moreover, multi-purpose: Commonly known for marking honey bee queens, the Bee Queen Marking Highlighter will work for writing on telescoping covers, wood, glass, metal, plastic, canvas, clay, poster board, and any porous surface
  • LONG-LASTING: The bee queen marking pen will not run or smear and will stay on the queen through her life, keeping her easy to track and identify over the years so you will always know the age of your queens.

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