Wood Boardman Entrance Feeder

Wood Boardman Entrance Feeder is perfect for both beginners and pro beekeepers alike, this sturdy wooden entrance feeder is designed to hold an inverted glass jar full of your bees’ favorite syrup. Easily check and see when food levels are low, and enjoy being able to refill the syrup without having to open up the hive. Comes with zero assemblies so you can feed your bees in no time.




Wood Boardman Entrance Feeder


Galvanized iron and pine


As picture show


8.1 ounces


100% New



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Details About Wood Boardman Entrance Feeder

  • This 6.6” x 4.5” x 1.4” front Wood Boardman Entrance Feeder is the perfect tool for checking sugar syrup levels without even opening your beehive.
  • Sturdy Construction – Features a solid wooden design for sturdiness and durability, while the unfinished wood gives a natural look that will blend well with your hive.
  • Convenient Bee Maintenance – Once your glass jar fills with sugar water and secured to the Wood Boardman Entrance Feeder. You can easily see when more food is needed, thus keeping your bees healthy and happy.
  • Compatibility – Designed for an inverted glass jar (the jar not include).
  • Zero Assembly – Save time and energy with a product that comes ready to use right out of the box. Simply attach a mason jar filled with the food your bees love.

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