US Bee Varroa Mites Treatment Fogger

US Bee Varroa Mites Treatment Fogger is used in the fumigation method of beehives and thus with the evaporation of the solution the bees are getting necessary treatment components. Substances that can be used for treatment: oxalic acid, amitraz, fluvalinate, tau-fluvalinate, thymol, Bipin, tactic, matric, mineral oil, etc. As a solvent can be used: 91% isopropyl alcohol, ethanol 96%, Alcohol 91%, vodka, purified kerosene, or distilled water. The most effective and convenient tool for Varroa mites management.




US Bee Varroa Mites Treatment Fogger


Plastic / Stainless steel


100% New



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Details About US Bee Varroa Mites Treatment Fogger

  • The treatment solution is well evaporated by the fogger without forming any crystals. It is heated in the coil and comes out as a dense white fog. Those droplets are very fine around about 15-18 micron size, it doesn’t hurt the bees. It causes the bees to groom themselves and in that process, the very fine droplets block the breathing spiracles on the Varroa mites. The bees will actively circulate the fog all throughout the hive, which significantly increases the efficiency of using Varomorus Fogger.
  • Varomorus became particularly useful for the owners of organic beekeeping. So, using it with clean environmental products (oxalic acid, thymol, etc.), you can effectively deal with varroa mites without using any chemicals. It saves time and gives high-quality treatment.


  • The US Bee Varroa Mites Treatment Fogger is fully compatible with:
  • All European camping propane/butane 190g gas cylinders.
  • Campingaz c206 gas/gls tanks in UK.
  • Dimensions: Weight : 1,850 g Length : 470 mm Height : 300 mm Width : 150 mm
  • Productivity: 100 bee colonies per 25 min.
  • The effectiveness of treatment for the entire period of treatment reaches 96 – 99.9%.
  • This US Bee Varroa Mites Treatment Fogger IS AN IMPROVED VERSION.

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