Bee Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

This bee oxalic acid vaporizer is used for evaporating the agent in beehives as a proven method of killing both Varroa and Tracheal mites.

Model: SP-3

Bee Oxalic Acid Vaporizer


Pure copper, Stainless steel, wood


5 × 5 × 50 cm









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Details About Bee Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

  • Firstly, This electric bee oxalic acid vaporizer use for bee colony treatment with the acid (an acid of sorrel, formic acid). It is a perfect decision for the treatment of bee colonies in the hive with formic acid or other medicines to create favorable conditions for them annually. Made of a durable aircraft stainless steel and wood
  • Seal the hive to keep in the vapor, normally with a foam bung at the entrance. Add the correct quantity of Oxalic Acid(as detailed on the container)to the cup of the vaporizer. Connect up to a 12V car battery. Then slip the cup of vaporizer into the center of the hive through the entrance.
  • Seal the entrance back up. Leave until all the oxalic acid has vaporized (a few minutes) and remove. Leave sealed up for a few more minutes and then remove the foam bung from the entrance.
  • 12-Months Warranty: Our bee oxalic acid vaporizer comes with a limited 12-Months manufacturer warranty. As well as friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns.

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