Red Heavy Duty Hive Scraper

Red Heavy Duty Hive Scraper is constructed from hardened mild steel and heavily painted, this hive tool will give you years and years of service. The extra strong frame lifter hook coupled with a pointed boot makes lifting those frames out easier. The bright red color stands out even in the tallest grass. This 3.8 mm thick tool will be your favorite. ”




Red Heavy Duty Hive Scraper


Stainless steel


As picture show


100% New



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Details About Red Heavy Duty Hive Scraper

  • The large hooked end is ideal for lifting up frames and the flat end. Red Heavy Duty Hive Scraper is used to scrape off any excess wax or propolis.
  • Red Heavy Duty Hive Scraper has gripping teeth and to the side is a nice sharp cutting edge. The prying end isn’t overly sharp and has a nice angle to it.
  • Each beehive tool is designed with a hole to hang on the hook easily and conveniently when not in use. The bright painted color helps you find it if you happen to drop it in tall grass.
  • Ideal for prying apart hive bodies, lifting up frames, scrape off excess wax or propolis from frames and honeycomb walls, it’s a versatile tool and can be used in other areas.

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