Beehive Frame Lifter and Scraper

Beehive Frame Lifter and Scraper one end is bent to a 90° angle to be used as a surface to hit with your palm, helping wedge the pointed end into tight areas and can also be used as a scraper. The tapered flat edge is perfect for scraping excess comb and propolis from beekeeping equipment as well as for straightening cross comb. It with hive scraper, frame cleaner, nail puller, queen bee excluder cleaner, pry bar, detachable hammer, etc. It is the best choice for separating hive boxes, prying out frames, and scraping wax and propolis off of your bee boxes and frames.




Beehive Frame Lifter and Scraper


Quality stainless steel


As picture show


Half-yellow (Customized)


100% New



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Details About Beehive Frame Lifter and Scraper

  • Beehive Frame Lifter and Scraper with an improved design are indispensable and a must-have for working with bees; a necessity for separating boxes and lifting, scraping, or prying frames.
  • The high-strength 304 stainless steel is strong in all weather conditions and will not rust or corrode and is easily sanitized so it will be a part of your beekeeping equipment for years.
  • Our hive tool is the perfect length as a pry bar for separating boxes apart. And the scraper edge makes short work of cleaning up your frames and bee boxes. The extra-thick bar makes it durable and comfortable to use.
  • Painted an attractive yellow to make the hive tools easy to find when working outside in tall grass. And easily distinguishable from other beekeeper tools
  • Beehive Frame Lifter and Scraper is easy to store in beekeeping jacket pockets, in your smoker, or in the beekeeping supplies toolbox.

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