Beehive Pollen bee Feeder

Beehive Pollen bee Feeder could be a useful frame in a number of instances. The large hex shapes tilt back just as a honeycomb frame does to stop nectar from running out. This enables the frame to be filled with dry pollen supplement or pollen patty pushed into it. Not necessary to fill the whole frame at once just what is required. The top has 3-4 cm deep sections that can also be used. Made from a solid clear food-safe plastic.




Beehive Pollen bee Feeder


Food-grade plastic


As picture show




100% New



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Details About Beehive Pollen bee Feeder

  • The feeding period is long. Once filled with pollen paste, the bee can eat for half a month. During half a month’s feeding period, there has been no problem with the pollen cream.
  • Beehive Pollen bee Feeder solves the problem of frequent powder making and powdered spleen and saves time and effort.
  • The powder was fed during the milling period. The artificial powder is cheap, the natural powder can be sold normally, and the profit is considerable.
  • Avoid laying eggs. The design of this product is reasonable. It can prevent the queen from laying eggs in the pollen nest during the bee breeding season.
  • Beehive Pollen bee Feeder is convenient to check bees. The powder feeder can be hung in the beehive, which can be put forward during bee inspection; after inspection, it can be put into the beehive.

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