Beehive Beekeeping Water Dispenser

Beehive Beekeeping Water Dispenser equipment for bees is made of plastic, durable and lightweight, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, easy to clean, can avoid the death of the bees, and prolong their life span. The bee drinking nest is very easy to observe how much water is remaining and plan accordingly without disturbing your bees.




Beehive Beekeeping Water Dispenser


Transparent Tank and yellow base.


Food-grade PP Plastic


As the pictures show


100% New



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Details About Beehive Beekeeping Water Dispenser

  • The material of the Beehive Beekeeping Water Dispenser is high-quality plastic, which is beautiful and durable. The bees eat safely, are non-toxic, and light, which prolongs the life of the bees.
  • How to use: the bee feeder is easy to use, just need to install the bee water inlet in the correct position. And the bees will automatically find the entrance of the feeder to eat.
  • Fully automatic function: the feeder automatically discharges water and food, saving time and effort, high efficiency, and is very convenient for beekeepers to use.
  • The details are outstanding: the bottle mouth is round and smooth, the workmanship is meticulous, and the sealing is good; the bottle is durable; it is easy to clean and can be separated.

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