Beehive 10 Frames Metal Spacer

Beehive 10 Frames Metal Spacer to equally space your frames in your honey or brood boxes, making it even easier for your bees to build straight, evenly drawn brood comb. Spacers come with nails for installing each spacer into your boxes; no glue or specialized tools are required to install each spacer. Simply hammer nails in each spacer through the pre-drilled nail holes in each spacer.

Using spacers keeps frames from moving and sliding easily inside the boxes, decreasing the chances of accidental damage to your queen and bees. Using frame spacers in your honey boxes ensures that your honeycomb is built out evenly and straight by the bees. Straight comb in your honey boxes will make uncapping your comb easier and more efficient, reducing the need for an uncapping fork.




Beehive 10 Frames Metal Spacer


Galvanized Iron


37.5cm or customized




100% New



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Details About Beehive 10 Frames Metal Spacer

  • Beehive 10 Frames Metal Spacer for organizing your honey frames or brood frames and encouraging bees to draw perfect, even comb that is easy to manage; spaces 10 frames evenly inside a 10 frame box with nails for attaching to box
  • Using these automatic spacers in your 10 frame honey super boxes or brood boxes. Making it easier for the beekeeper to adjust and move frames around in the beehive without an additional tool.
  • The flush design makes installation easy fits into deep, medium, and shallow 10-frame hives from all Langstroth hive manufacturers.
  • The Beehive 10 Frames Metal Spacer does not create any gaps for small hive beetles to hide, unlike other designs. It is adjustable during installing to fit your preferences; simply slide spacers up or down so that more or less of the spacers sit above the frame rest.
  • Organizes your bee frames in your honey boxes so you can easily remove them or install them into your brood boxes to reduce the chance of rolling or injuring your bees or queen and space frames evenly in the boxes, reducing the chances of frames shifting accidentally.

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