Beehive Corner Supports

If your hives are in an exposed position and always separating or blowing over in blustery weather then these supports are for you. Sold in sets of 4 (screws not included) these are fixed at every top corner of component parts and grip the box above by 15mm. Designed such that screws fix the support to the top of the hive part while tacks can be used to fix the adjoining part for a more permanent fitting especially if moving hives.



Beehive Corner Supports


Galvanized Metal


100% new


Ango Apiculture

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Details About Beehive Corner Supports

  • Beehive Corner Supports materials of high-quality metal, safe and durable, and friendly to both people and bees.
  • Widely use in beekeeping manor farms and is very popular with beekeepers.
  • It is suitable for various environmental weather. Don’t worry about frequent damage and replacement.

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