Bee Wax Melting Pot

There is a switch in the middle of the Bee Wax Melting Pot. Turn on the switch to fill in water (appropriate amount) and then close the switch, and then put the candles, beeswax, soybean wax, etc. that need to be melted into the pot. Then turn the fire to heat. It can also be used to heat milk, honey, chocolate, etc.



Product Name

Bee Wax Melting Pot

Size M

1.5L; 17.5*15cm/ 6.88*5.9 inch

Size L

2.5L; 20*17cm/7.87*6.69 inch


304 Stainless steel



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Details About Bee Wax Melting Pot

  • Bee Wax Melting Pot – Double Layer Design: Made of double stainless steel, you can add water between the two layers. The quality is very good and the service life is long.
  • Bee Wax Melting Pot is especially suitable for heating with water and is the perfect choice for melting candles.
  • The bottom contact area of the wax melting pot is relatively large, and it can be used directly on a gas stove.
  • Our special plastic material handle has a heat resistance function, which can well protect your hand safety during heating.
  • It is not only to melt beeswax, wax blocks but also to heat milk, honey, chocolate, etc.

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