Plastic Uncapping Tub Kit

Plastic Uncapping Tub Kit has a stainless steel insert, which allows a frame to be comfortably held in place while you uncap and small holes allow the honey to drip below.  Frames and cappings are held in the pan, while honey is loosely filtered below and can then be dispensed through the included honey gate.



Product Name

Plastic Uncapping Tub Kit


304 Stainless steel / Plastic

Tank Size



Holder and honey gate



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Details About Plastic Uncapping Tub Kit

  • Firstly, the plastic Uncapping Tub Kit makes uncapping your frames easier with less mess. It includes the food-grade plastic tub with honey gate, perforated stainless steel insert with frame rest.
  • Thirdly, the uncapping tray for one frame combined with plastic and stainless steel. Plastic the tray completes with a stainless steel strainer and holders.
  • Moreover, For better usability, it’s all the set complements by a stainless tray. Simple high-quality uncapping tray from stainless steel, which is easy to work with, and thanks to a plastic van, it is also easy to wash and cleanse.
  • The wax cappings and any debris collect on the perforated stainless steel grate allowing the honey to drip and collect in the plastic tub which can then be dispensed through the included honey gate.

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