Sting Proof Reinforced Cuffs Beekeeping Gloves

Sting Proof Reinforced Cuffs Beekeeping Gloves are constructed with premium goatskin and heavy-duty cotton canvas sleeves. Quality through-and-through, the durable goatskin hands provide unrivaled sting resistance, while the reinforced cuffs keep you safe from honey bee stingers.




Sting Proof Reinforced Cuffs Beekeeping Gloves


Goatskin ( or cowhide)


Yellow; white



Sleeve Length



Reinforced Cuffs, Unisex design


100% new


Ango Apiculture

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Details About Sting Proof Reinforced Cuffs Beekeeping Gloves

  •  Firstly, our Sting Proof Reinforced Cuffs Beekeeping Gloves will protect your hands with these durable goatskin beekeeping leather gloves with long thick canvas sleeves to protect your arms. The reinforced Cuffs provide more protection, as a bee’s sting is less likely to penetrate the glove. The lighter goatskin gloves provide more dexterity, allowing you to handle your bees more carefully. Reducing the threat of sting, and allowing you to work comfortably with lighter gloves.
  • Secondly, the extended sleeves to beyond the elbow and strongly elasticated to ensure that the glove stays in place. Your beekeeping gloves need to protect your arms from stings and that will stay in place as you work, this is important because as your apiary grows, you will need to spend more time working your bees. An extended sleeve provides additional protection to your forearms. Good tight elastic will ensure that your glove doesn’t slip and ensure a good bee-tight seal.
  • Moreover, our gloves come in many sizes to ensure you can get the best fit. If unsure which size to buy, please check the chart as follows. Unlike your beekeeping suit, your gloves need to be a snug fit. Because wearing poorly fitting beekeeping gloves will make it harder to work your hives, increase clumsiness, and risk of squashing your bees and being stung.
  • Beekeeping-Gloves-Hand-Size-Chart

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