Stainless Steel Bucket Drippers

Just put Stainless Steel Bucket Drippers simply sit on the edge of either a pail or honey tank. When the transfer container is positioned upside down on the angled holder, honey slowly and gently drains into the empty container.



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Stainless Steel Bucket Drippers


Stainless steel






Chrome silver


100% Brand new

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Details About Stainless Steel Bucket Drippers

  • Steel Diameter: 8mm
  • The Stainless Steel Bucket Drippers allow you to transfer honey from one bucket to another without losing any of your precious honey in the process. You can use the Stainless Steel Bucket Drippers in combination with a plastic sieve to speed up the honey extraction process. The Stainless Steel Bucket Drippers lock over the edge of the bottom bucket for a secure fit each time.
  • This tool helps you collect every last drop of honey when transferring honey from a bucket to a storage tank. Clean, neat and no longer do you have to hold the pail when the last of the honey drains out. Simply place the pail in the holder and move on to the next job while honey drains completely out of the pail.
  • It is heavy-duty, food-grade stainless steel and will last for many seasons. It holds pails or round containers that are from xx in diameter up to xx in diameter. The time it takes to transfer your honey from one container to the other will vary depending on how warm the honey is as well as the temperature of the room. Honey will flow much faster if it is slightly warmed and if it is being transferred in a warm room. We don’t recommend heating your honey too hot as excessive heating could destroy healthy enzymes.

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