Small Beehive Beetle Trap

Our Small Beehive Beetle Trap is a fan favorite among beekeepers and works great at keeping those pesky small hive beetles from becoming an issue. These traps work without any chemicals. The clear plastic allows you to check oil levels and how many small hive beetles are caught in the trap. The top of the trap completely flips open so you can clean out the trap and reuse it season after season. But the lid closes to create the trap, only allowing a thin slot across the top for beetles to enter the oil compartment. These traps work best when placed in the top four corners of the hive between the frame and box. 2 traps per hive are great for the maintenance of beetles, but 4-6 traps per hive are helpful in knocking down a large beetle population. Traps can be left in the hive year-round, but traps should be checked every 2-3 weeks. When the oil is full of beetles, it is time to clean and refill. Warm months are the peak season for small hive beetles, so summer is the ideal time to use them.




Small Hive Beetle Trap


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Details About Small Beehive Beetle Trap

  • Firstly, each Small Beehive Beetle Trap has two brackets at the top, which can be suspended from the grid of the hive without any difficulty.
  • Secondly, the Small Beehive Beetle Trap consists of two trap parts and one bait part. In the center is the bait part, which can be combined with honey and pollen. In the trap part, mineral oil, vegetable oil, and hydrated lime can be used.
  • Thirdly, a hive can use multiple traps at the same time. Easy to use, easy to clean, and can use repeatedly.
  • Small Beehive Beetle Trap material is high-quality plastic, transparent in color. Non-toxic and odorless, safe for larvae, queen bees, worker bees, and honey.
  • Easy to secure hive beetle trap onto the top of a frame. While minimizing disturbance to the hive and still allowing all frames to fit in the box. Bees will continue to work inside the hive undisturbed making beekeeping and catching beetles easier.
  • Includes two compartments to hold basic cooking oil and one compartment to lure beetles into beetle jail trap by baiting with banana peel or melon.
  • Moreover, the traps have thin slots for beetles to enter and it works by trapping beetles in the oil compartments and killing them quickly. Compartments can be easily opened up to empty and rinse with running water.

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