Push In Queen Marking Cage

Push In Queen Marking Cage is the easiest tool to mark your queen. When you see your queen on the frame, carefully place the cage over the queen and mark her through the mesh. The cage has three small legs which help prevent pushing the cage too far, which could hurt the queen.

Not sure which color you must mark your queen this year? Please check the International Queen Marking Color Code list below:

White: For year ending in 1 or 6

Yellow: For year ending in 2 or 7

Red: For year ending in 3 or 8

Green: For year ending in 4 or 9

Blue: For year ending in 5 or 0




Push In Queen Marking Cage


High-quality ABS


As pictures show


100% new



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Details About Push In Queen Marking Cage

  • Push In Queen Marking Cage is a wonderful alternative to the queen marking cup.
  • When you find the queen, just place the cage over her (along with some attendants), lightly pushing the cage into the comb.
  • Then mark her while she is trapped in the cage.  The beauty of this approach is that it is a one-handed operation.

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