Pocket Mini Hive Tool

Pocket Mini Hive Tool is a fantastic one to keep on hand (if you can find it). While this one is small, it is sized right for quick manipulation of frames and is plenty strong for prying boxes and frames. Measuring 6 1/8-inch long, it’s very handy to keep around and would be a great “backup” tool to keep in the glove box.




Pocket Mini Hive Tool


SS2CR13 stainless steel


As picture show


100% New


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Details About Pocket Mini Hive Tool

  • Bee Perfect Pocket Mini Hive Tool for beekeepers, this Hive Tool fits easily in any pocket of your clothing,
  • Made of High-Quality Shiny Stainless Steel which is durable and clean
  • This compact tool has all the benefits of the larger tools on the market & no more ripped jeans or torn upholstery in your bee vehicles.
  • Pocket Mini Hive Tool is a handy and sturdy beekeeping hive tool.
  • The Hive Tool is designed with a hanging hole that helps you to hang it up when not in use
  • This Perfect Pocket Hive tool Size is 6.18 inches

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