Metal Beehive Queen Excluder

Metal Beehive Queen Excluder works by separating the brood nest from the boxes where the bees will store their excess honey, helping keep the hive organized and making honey harvesting easier. Our Metal Excluders are computer control welded with precision wire spacing to ensure your queen stays in the brood chamber. Each wire is crimped in the frame to ensure years of service. The spaces in the grid are perfectly spaced large enough to allow the smaller worker bees through the holes, but small enough to exclude the queen and keeping her from entering the honey boxes. 

Available sizes: 410*510mm / 420*510mm / 435*435mm / 460*460mm / 470*410mm / 470*470mm / 478*478mm / 485*400mm / 500*425mm / 500*430mm / 500*500mm / 500*450mm / 505*360mm / 506*353mm / 506*406mm / 510*425mm / 510*360mm, etc.

Customized – Galvanized metal beehive queen excluder / 201ss stainless steel queen excluder / 304ss stainless steel queen excluder / Four sides bounded queen excluder / Two sides bounded queen excluder / Threading process queen excluder / Welding process queen excluder / Widen sides queen excluder, etc




Metal Beehive Queen Excluder


Galvanized or stainless steel


As shown in the description


4.25mm, etc

Edge Width

Regular bounded sides width is 1.5cm


100% new


Ango Apiculture

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Details About Metal Beehive Queen Excluder

  • Firstly, the metal beehive queen excluder ensures that the queen does not lay eggs in the honey supers. Using a queen excluder causes the honey within these supers to stay clean. Queen excluders are placed in between the brood boxes and the honey supers. They are carefully designed so that worker bees can pass through the screen. But the queen cannot as she is too large to fit through the openings.
  • Secondly, this metal beehive queen excluder will help keep the queen bee out of your honey super while providing enough room between the wires to let through worker bees. Our metal queen excluder will prevent the queen bee from laying her eggs inside the honey super, allowing you to easily harvest fresh honey. Our metal queen excluder is available for both 8-frame brood chambers and 10-frame brood chambers.
  • Thirdly, designed for beehive structure Electrically welded, metal-bound wires Easy traversal for worker bees. The Durable build helps prevent bending and warping.

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