Galvanized Corium Bee Smoker

Keep you and your bees safe with our galvanized bee smoker. This smoker produces safe cool smoke that calms bees and helps prevent stings while you perform hive maintenance. The holding canister stores the long-lasting fuel of your choice.

Model: S-1S

Small size

Model: S-1M

Medium size

Model: S-1L

Large size


Galvanized iron




Spire type

Overall Height

Small: 25.5cm; Medium: 28cm; Large: 31.5cm

Barrel Height

Small: 16cm; Medium: 19cm; Large: 23cm

Barrel Diameter

Small: 9cm; Medium: 10.4cm; Large: 10.4cm

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Details About Galvanized Corium Bee Smoker

  • Firstly, our smoker made of galvanized and come with corium bellows. It produces safe cool smoke to help calm bees and protect them from stings during hive maintenance.
  • Secondly, our galvanized bee smoker’s economic practicality. It with a protective heat shield surrounds the smoker to help prevent the user from burns.
  • Thirdly, it Provides air pockets at the bottom of the smoker to encourage good airflow and keeps the fire directly off of the bottom.
  • Side Mounting Hook–The hook built into the heat shield allows you to safely suspend or store your smoker.
  • The mouth of the galvanized bee smoker will make the smoke blow to the bee box more precisely which in return gives protection to a bee box.

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