Economical Beekeeping Hoodie Jacket

Our Economical Beekeeping Hoodie Jacket is very comfortable to wear, breathable, easy to absorb sweat, and has elastic bands at the cuffs and hem to free your body from stinging. The soft steel rim can support the hat quite well so that it will not be easily deformed. The unique veil design helps to ensure a wide field of vision. Our beekeeping suit is suitable for most beekeepers. It’s cheap, it’s an unzipped hoodie, it’s easy to use and it reduces costs.




Economical Beekeeping Hoodie Jacket


Polyester cotton


No zipper


Yellow; white, blue, camouflage, etc.


As shown in the picture


Unisex design


100% new


Ango Apiculture

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Details About Economical Beekeeping Hoodie Jacket

  • The Economical Beekeeping Hoodie Jacket is dense and provided excellent protection against wasp and bee stings.
    The lightweight polyester fabric provides protection against stings while keeping you cool during hot summer days.
    The veiled hood is self-supporting and collapsible. Perfect for any amateur or professional beekeeper.
    The Economical Beekeeping Hoodie Jacket provides protection against stings while keeping you cool, and can be used as a beekeeper Halloween costume.
    Elastic wrist openings create a tight closed fit for additional arm protection.
    Fully elastic waist to accommodate a greater range of body size. We added an elastic waistband for comfort, elastic wrists to protect your limbs.
  • Ango Apiculture is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development, and production of beekeeping supplies. All of our products comply with quality standards and greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. 

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