Beekeeping Wooden Top Feeder

Beekeeping Wooden Top Feeder with Floating racks is designed to be a versatile tool in your apiary. During the spring/fall it is a feeder where you can pour sugar syrup and the racks will float cutting down on the number of bees that may drown in the syrup. While still giving the bees easy access at the top of the hive but preventing other bees from stealing their food. Then during the summer, this can be used to store either a notebook or tools to keep them close to your hive. Then during the winter, you can yet again use the Hive top Feeder as a tool to combat moisture, by filling the Hive Top Feeder with wood shavings it becomes a very efficient way to prevent moisture from building up.




Beekeeping Wooden Top Feeder




5 Frame NUC, 10 Frame, 8 Frame


Wood Color


100% New



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Details About Beekeeping Wooden Top Feeder

  • Ideal for feeding sugar syrup to honeybees during Spring, Summer & Fall.
  • Authentic Style – Made of Pine Wood to suit perfectly your wooden beehives and match nature in your bee yard.
  • Design with Bees in mind – Preventive Floater included acting as safety latter preventing honeybees from drowning in liquid syrup.
  • High Capacity – Fit for 10 frame beehive, 8 frame beehive, nuc 5 frame beehive, and some other customized sizes.

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