Bee Smoker Inner Tank

The Bee Smoker Inner Tank allows more air to enter the smoker, which makes the fuel burn more fully and the smoke thicker. It is easier to clean up the burning ashes after use

Model: S-T1

Bee smoker inner tank

Model: S-T2

Little smoker inner holder

Model: S-T3

Little smoker inner holder


201 Stainless steel



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Details About Bee Smoker Inner Tank

  • Firstly, the bee smoker inner tank could be customized for kinds of bee smoker. This is an optional part of the bee smoker.
  • Secondly, it can hold the fuel up, so the air will bond with the fuel more fully, and the smoke will be thicker.
  • Thirdly, the bee smoker inner tank can be removed to make cleaning easier. With this device, it is very easy to load fuel, and it also extends the life of the bee smoker.
  • Moreover, OEM and ODM services can be provided.

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