Bee Queen Bottle Marker

Bee Queen Bottle Marker is made of clear plastic so you can see your queen. The bottom is screened so you can easily mark her. Simply scoop up your queen and gently nudge her down with the soft foam plunger until her back meets the screen. Now you can safely mark her with a Queen Marking Pen.




Bee Queen Bottle Marker


High-quality ABS / Sponge


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Details About Bee Queen Bottle Marker

  • Bee Queen Bottle Marker is an ingenious device design with a foam pad that can protect queen bees, and help you catch and mark bee queen.
  • Find the queen and place her inside, gently depress the plunger to hold her against the mesh while marking, so she can be more easily located.
  • Bee Queen Bottle Marker material is high-quality plastic, is durable, healthy, and non-toxic, is an essential tool for beekeeping.
  • Bee queen marker tool has great workmanship, the surface is smooth and mellow without burr, safe to use.
  • Easily mark your queen with this one-handed queen bee catcher. That’s a good tool for beekeepers.

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