3 Layers Ventilated Mesh Sleeve Bee Gloves

When it comes to Beekeeping your hands are in constant danger. Heat, small and sharp tools, smoker, not to mention Bees. What you need is a pair of premium quality beekeeping gloves that will protect your hands without compromising on dexterity. Our 3 Layers Ventilated Mesh Sleeve Bee Gloves are characterized by 3 layers breathable sleeves, premium A-grade goatskin leather, extensive processing for a smoother texture, lightweight & reliable design, perfect for beginners, hobbyists, commercial beekeepers, unmatched versatility, etc.




3 Layers Ventilated Mesh Sleeve Bee Gloves


Goatskin ( or cowhide)


Yellow; white



Sleeve Length



3 layers breathable sleeves, Unisex design


100% new


Ango Apiculture

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Details About 3 Layers Ventilated Mesh Sleeve Bee Gloves

  •  Firstly, Our high-quality 3 Layers Ventilated Mesh Sleeve Bee Gloves come with a long 3 layers mesh sleeve and elastic cuff. It is breathable and comfortable, protect your Hands and Fingers from stings. High-quality breathable sleeves give you a cool feeling in the summer hot days. Making your work for a long day and feel comfortable.
  • Secondly, 3 Layers Ventilated Mesh Sleeve Bee Gloves made with premium goatskin leather. Designed with soft, supple flexibility and longer fingertip to elbow protection our long gauntlet-style sleeves make reaching in easier. So you can feel more confident with your movements.
  • Thirdly, the gloves are durable and will give you real value for your money. The cuff is elastic and you can adjust it as you please without destroying the structure. It is 100% sting proof, efficient and safe for use. With these gloves on your hands, even the angriest of bees will not get into contact with your skin.
  • Besides, you can use our exclusive Beekeeping glove as safety gloves, camping gloves, heat-resistant gloves, gardening gloves, fireplace gloves, cut-resistant gloves, etc.
  • Moreover, our gloves come in many sizes to ensure you can get the best fit. If unsure which size to buy, please check the chart as follows. Unlike your beekeeping suit, your gloves need to be a snug fit. Because wearing poorly fitting beekeeping gloves will make it harder to work your hives, increase clumsiness, and risk of squashing bees or sting by your bees.
  • Beekeeping-Gloves-Hand-Size-Chart

Ango Apiculture is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development, and production of beekeeping supplies. All of our products comply with international quality standards and greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. We are committed to being your friendly beekeeping partner.

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