16 Way Beehive Anti‑Running Escape

16 Way Beehive Anti‑Running Escape is an amazing way of letting the bees inside and outside the hive. It is a hassle-free tool. Therefore, having these disks in your beekeeping supplies is a wise choice. Letting the bees out and inside the hive is an important part of beekeeping processes. The bees go out, wander, and collect nectar from various sources. That’s why a passage for bees is essential. You can have such a passage with the beehive disks. Besides being a wise choice, they are something of a requirement for keeping bees as they can exit and enter the hive at all times.




16 Way Beehive Anti‑Running Escape


Plastic ABS


As pictures show


100% New



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Details About 16 Way Beehive Anti‑Running Escape

  • Made of high‑quality ABS plastic material, reusable, hard, and durable, will cause toxic, has a long service life.
  • The size of the door exit disc is 25×0.8cm/10×0.3in, compact design, lightweight, easy to disassemble and install.
  • 16 Way Beehive Anti‑Running Escape can effectively prevent honey from escaping, and better meet your needs.
  • 16-way design, the design is more reasonable, there are three in total, and the number is sufficient.
  • Sophisticated production, provides high‑quality, has very stable performance, and higher work efficiency.

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